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Harnessing Big Data

Today, almost all cancer treatment insights come from a tiny subset of clinical trial patients. In the United States, 1.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, but only 3% enroll in clinical trials. To improve care for every patient, the research and practice communities need insights from the other 97% of people receiving cancer care.

CancerLinQ Discovery® enables the oncology community to translate big data from CancerLinQ®’s pool of de-identified data from an ever growing number of patients into real world insights to drive research that can improve the overall cancer care.

With CancerLinQ Discovery®, we are able to expand the information network to anyone in the cancer community-not only healthcare providers and research institutions, but also government agencies and individual researchers.
– Dr. Robert Miller, Medical Director, CancerLinQ®

How to Request Data

The CancerLinQ Discovery® data access request involves one centralized process. First, complete the CancerLinQ Discovery Data Request Application. The on-line fillable form outlines the specifics of the data request (i.e. goals/aims, research methods, data specifications, etc.). Once completed you will upload the application to complete the submission process.

After the form is complete and submitted, an initial screening of the application will commence to ensure the application materials are complete and the submitted request aligns with ASCO’s mission. The CancerLinQ Discovery Research & Publications Committee must review and approve all requests before data access is granted. The anticipated time for the process is 6-8 weeks.

A Community that Learns Together

CancerLinQ Discovery® is building a community that learns together and shares insights to improve patient care and outcomes. In building this community, CancerLinQ® will seek the partnership of key stakeholders to work toward a shared mission of a rapid learning system that improves the quality of patient care. We expect that these partnerships will provide vital input on CancerLinQ Discovery®’s design and usability, to ensure that it helps meet the needs of the cancer community. In 2016, Founding Enterprise Partner AstraZeneca is the first industry strategic partner to join in the mission of CancerLinQ Discovery® and will gather insights on specific cancer care questions and provide critical input to maximize CancerLinQ Discovery®’s utility and usability. In addition, CancerLinQ® has established collaborations with government agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, medical specialty societies, and additional life sciences companies.

CancerLinQ Discovery®  Data Access Toolkit

The CancerLinQ Discovery®  Research & Publications Committee – the body charged with reviewing and approving research requests – is accepting requests for data.

Requests for CancerLinQ Discovery®  data may include:

  • Custom analytic reports prepared by the CancerLinQ Discovery®  team.
  • Controlled, cloud-based access to curated, aggregated, de-identified data on specific diseases or patient populations.

For more information about requesting data from CancerLinQ Discovery® , please download our CancerLinQ Discovery®  Data Access Toolkit. The toolkit includes information about the following:

  • Data Request Form Instructions
  • Data Request Form
  • Data Dictionary
  • CancerLinQ Discovery® Policies
  • FAQs
  • Sample Data Use Agreement