Practice Tools

Strength in Numbers

When trial data informs clinical decisions, practitioners currently tap into only 3% of the cancer patient population. CancerLinQ® breaks that mold by providing practices a mechanism to learn from the other 97%.

How? By comprehensively sharing clinical data. 

Through CancerLinQ® participation, ASCO-member physicians gain personalized guidance on treatment decisions by matching each patient’s care against quality standards and against data from patients with similar characteristics. As a result, patients in participating practices are reassured that they’re getting high-quality, evidence-based care no matter their location, and providers can benchmark patient outcomes against ASCO's clinical measures.

We are excited to be involved in this cutting-edge initiative that will allow our practice to improve the quality of care for our patients ... Being an early adopter of CancerLinQ® not only gives us the chance to contribute to advancing care, but also the chance to be a pioneer in implementing this technological advancement.
– Keith A. Thompson, MD, partner and medical oncologist at Montgomery Cancer Center, and chair of the CancerLinQ® Physician Advisory Committee

Participating Health Organizations

Since its 2014 launch, the CancerLinQ® network has grown from an intrepid group of vanguard practices to a national coalition of organizations from across the care delivery continuum, representing community practices, safety net hospitals, and academic medical centers.

Participating health organizations, which both provide data and reap the benefits of the aggregated information, span the breadth of geographic locations, providing unparalleled access to de-identified patient data from all ages and minority groups.

How It Works

When a doctor participates in CancerLinQ®, treatment information about the doctor’s patients is added to a database that includes thousands of other people with cancer. Doctors can use this information to help make decisions about their patients’ care, and, in turn, their patients’ information contributes to the care of others. Overall, CancerLinQ® offers:

  • Real-time Quality Performance

    CancerLinQ® Quality Performance Indicators provide real-time clinical quality metrics, give prospective analysis, and identify opportunities to improve performance.
  • Insights and Trends

    CancerLinQ® allows you to gain valuable insights and uncover trends from the vast CancerLinQ® population that can improve the quality of care provided to each of your patients. 
  • Your Patient‘s Timeline

    CancerLinQ® visually represents your patient’s clinical event history in a longitudinal view, allowing you to quickly and easily construct the patient’s story.
  • Powerful Analytic Reports

    CancerLinQ® provides a suite of analytic reports that allows you to make quick observations and uncover insights about your patient population at a glance.
  • Performance

    CancerLinQ® is designed to efficiently and quickly process large amounts of data.
  • Easy Access and Visual Appeal

    CancerLinQ® presents patients’ clinical data in an intuitive and effective manner that allows for quick access and understanding of the underlying data.
  • Security

    CancerLinQ® is HIPAA compliant, adhering to the highest level of industry standards by implementing regulatory, administrative, and technical safeguards.



Download information that helps more fully explain how CancerLinQ® can benefit you, your practice, and your patients.

How to Join

Joining is easy and FREE for ASCO members. Simply by agreeing to contribute patient data to the CancerLinQ® platform, practices can benefit from the aggregated information.

In getting you started, our focus is to ensure minimal impact to practice resources. Once the initial data feed is set up, there is no data entry required on your behalf. The data integration process is customizable based on your practice’s preferences.

The CancerLinQ team will work with you to:

  • Set up a demonstration on CancerLinQ
  • Develop a plan for communicating what CancerLinQ is and how it benefits your staff and your patients, as well as provide materials to help with the communications
  • Facilitate the execution of the participation agreement
  • Identify the individuals at your practice who will be using CancerLinQ and train these users
  • Develop a project schedule for getting your practice live on CancerLinQ

Once CancerLinQ is live, we will provide ongoing support and maintenance, discuss performance metrics, and facilitate participation in CancerLinQ User Events. When you participate in this program, your patients will benefit from the experience of others, and other patients will benefit from your patients’ data, too.