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SmartLinQ is CancerLinQ’s premier web-based solution offering an app store-like experience. Inside SmartLinQ, oncologists, care teams, and administrators can access a variety of tools to improve the quality of care, support decision making, and reduce administrative burdens. Quality and Insight apps developed internally by the CancerLinQ team are being supplemented by applications co-developed in partnership with other innovators to provide our network with a growing number of impactful tools. 

How It Works

The CancerLinQ community is comprised of more than 100 oncology practices, hospitals and health systems, representing more than 2,000 oncologists nationwide. When a practice participates in CancerLinQ, treatment information about their patients is securely transferred from the practice’s electronic health record (EHR) and other data systems into the secure CancerLinQ platform. The data is then curated and harmonized to be used within the various applications in SmartLinQ, all with the goal of helping to inform care decisions, uncover insights, improve practice operations, and drive quality improvement. 

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SmartLinQ™ Quality Platform


The SmartLinQ™ Quality Platform enables automated, near-real time quality management for oncology practices. A suite of dashboards, reports, and quality measure tracking tools enable practice teams to measure quality of care automatically and proactively.

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SmartLinQ QOPI® Certification Program Pathway


CancerLinQ practices can use SmartLinQ to submit their measure scores to ASCO’s internationally recognized QOPI Certification Program (QCP). Through the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway, quality managers can access the complete set of 20 QCP-approved measures and electronically submit scores to QCP for certification, re-certification, and maintenance rounds. This automated abstraction and submission can save up to 180 hours of staff time for your practice.

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CancerLinQ Insights


CancerLinQ Insights enables practices to explore their own practice data as well as de-identified data across the CancerLinQ network to assist with clinical decision-making and practice business insights.

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Atropos Health Prognostograms


Atropos Health and CancerLinQ have partnered to provide a "digital consult" to answer pressing clinical questions that are important in tailoring treatment decisions. Participating institutions on the CancerLinQ platform will be able to request an on-demand analysis of millions of aggregated de-identified records of similar patient cases and outcomes.

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Count Me In


CancerLinQ practices can offer a path for their patients to contribute to research by sharing their unique, de-identified medical information with researchers and investigators through Count Me In, a nonprofit dedicated to this effort.

SmartLinQ Partners

CancerLinQ is working with innovators to provide valuable tools to our network, with the goal of supporting the entire oncology practice and care team in being more efficient and effective in patient care and administration of the practice. 

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