Oncology Practices

A Network For Improving Cancer Care

More than 100 oncology practices, representing more than 2,000 oncologists, are part of the CancerLinQ® network to improve patient care. Using this platform, which contains more than two million cancer patient records, clinicians can track the quality of care in their practices and identify gaps and opportunities for better care. 

How It Works

When a practice participates in CancerLinQ, treatment information about the practice’s patients is transferred from the practice’s electronic health record (EHR) into the secure CancerLinQ platform. The data is then curated and harmonized to help inform clinicians' care decisions, and uncover insights that can drive quality improvement. 

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Quality Management
CancerLinQ Quality Oncology Performance Indicators provide near real-time clinical quality metrics, give prospective analysis, and identify opportunities to improve performance.
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Insights & Trends
CancerLinQ delivers valuable insights and reveals new trends and patterns derived from the vast de-identified CancerLinQ database, to improve the quality of care delivered to patients.
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Powerful Analytic Reports
CancerLinQ provides a suite of analytic reports for quick observations and insights about the practice's patient population.
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CancerLinQ is designed to efficiently and quickly process large amounts of data using modern, scalable, and secure technology.
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Easy Access and Visual Appeal
CancerLinQ presents clinical information in an intuitive and effective manner that allows for quick access through a state-of-the-art user interface.
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CancerLinQ must protect identifiable patient data in accordance with HIPAA. It deploys industry standard administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect this information.


For practices of all sizes, CancerLinQ's quality measurement and reporting tools leverage both structured and unstructured data to reduce the burden of manual data abstraction.

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SmartLinQ QOPI® Certification Program (QCP) Pathway


CancerLinQ practices can use the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway to seamlessly and automatically track, monitor and submit their measure scores to ASCO’s internationally recognized QOPI Certification Program. Through the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway quality managers can:  

  • Access the complete set of 20 QCP-approved QOPI measures 
  • Identify opportunities to improve measure performance and make rapid corrections prior to submission 
  • Track overall practice QCP score on a daily basis, in preparation for submission deadline(s)  
  • Electronically submit scores to the QOPI Certification Program for re-certification and maintenance 
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SmartLinQ™ Quality Platform


SmartLinQ enables automated, near-real time quality management for oncology practices. A suite of dashboards, reports and quality measure tracking tools enable practice teams to automatically and proactively measure and track quality of care, freeing up valuable resources and dollars for clinical activities to improve patient care. With SmartLinQ, practices can:

  • Utilize a comprehensive set of measures, including a broad range of measures from the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®)
  • Utilize interactive and filterable practice, provider and site-specific quality performance dashboards and reports 
  • Track automated near-real time measure scores, prospectively improve quality of care, and structured data capture 
  • Benchmark your provider and location scores against the entire CancerLinQ network 


Insights & Reporting

The CancerLinQ curated, real-world data expands insights beyond the four walls of the institution and the 3% of patients who join clinical trials by leveraging de-identified data from multiple health systems. As part of this powerful ecosystem, users can review aggregated, de-identified cancer patient data to uncover unseen patterns in patient characteristics and outcomes revealing opportunities to improve care. 
CancerLinQ’s suite of analytic reports provide: 

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A better understanding of the population being treated
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Insights into areas for improvement in data capture and quality of care
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A view of the trends in patient care across the CancerLinQ network
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See how CancerLinQ® is helping shape the future of cancer care

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Marin Cancer Care became the first practice to participate in CancerLinQ because we believe in its potential and can find value in the data collected.
Lorraine Holzapfel, Practice Administrator, Marin Cancer Care
CancerLinQ was helpful and informative even before I decided to use them for our MIPS submission. I look forward to working with them in future.
Shanna Lovelace, Data Administrator, New England Cancer Specialists