CancerLinQ Discovery Data Request Form

CancerLinQ Discovery Data Request Form

The CancerLinQ® Discovery™ data access request involves two-steps:

1. Download and complete the CancerLinQ® Discovery™ Data Request Application.

The fillable application outlines the specifics of the data request (i.e. goals/aims, research methods, analytic tools, data specifications, etc.).

Download Application

2. The data requester will fill out the online CancerLinQ Discovery Data Request Form, which includes contact, demographic, and organizational information.

The online CancerLinQ® Discovery™ Data Request Form also is where the CancerLinQ Discovery Data Request Application is uploaded. This is where you will upload the Data Request Application to complete the submission process.

Once the forms are complete and submitted, an initial screening of the application will commence. This screen will ensure the application materials are complete and the submitted request aligns with ASCO’s mission.

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