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CancerLinQ/Count Me In Collaboration Will Allow More Patients to Contribute to Research

By: Nikhil Wagle, MD
Clinical trials have historically been the main way of improving our understanding and treatment of cancer, but less than 5 percent of patients…

Electronic Quality Measures Video Podcast

In this interview, Dr. Anna Schorer and Dr. Richard Moldwin from the CancerLinQ Oncology Informatics Task Force discuss their article "Chasm…

Supporting Each Cancer Patient at Every Step of Their Journey: CancerLinQ in 2022 and Beyond

Sean Khozin, MD, MPH
Nearly all of us need a hobby outside of our profession to recharge. For me, it is composing music. The joy I get from it comes not just from…


Meet Zikki Munyao, CancerLinQ’s Associate Director and Active Practice Manager and learn more about what makes him an integral part of our team.

Updated February 18, 2022: Demographics of Patients with Cancer and COVID-19 Disease

CancerLinQ Data
Patients with cancer and COVID-19 constitute those with a cancer diagnosis who fit at least one of the following three criteria:


Meet Melissa Miller, Associate Director of Clinical and Patient Products at CancerLinQ.

Make the Most of Your Data with CancerLinQ Professional Services

By Adam Blair, Manager Oncology Data Quality
As a practice leveraging CancerLinQ products, you’re able to use the SmartLinQ QCP Pathway to seamlessly and automatically track, monitor, and…

Updated August 26, 2021 - Demographics of Patients with Cancer and COVID-19 Disease

CancerLinQ Data
Forty-seven of the CancerLinQ practices providing regular data updates also provided testing information for and/or diagnostic reports of COVID-19…

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