Our Mission

Empowering the oncology community to improve quality of care and patient outcomes through transformational analytics.

CancerLinQ® is one of ASCO's most ambitious initiatives. This program was created to give oncologists a robust quality monitoring system that collects and analyzes data from all patient encounters so that we can deliver to our patients the highest possible quality of care.

We continue to promote and provide for lifelong learning for oncology professionals, and we will always support cancer research. But CancerLinQ allows us to build on our global network of oncology expertise so that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of people with cancer.

The power of partnership is of paramount importance to the CancerLinQ team. Ultimately, the goal is to convene the entire cancer community and create a coalition of support with all key stakeholders—including patients, providers, payers, academia, industry, government, NGOs, advocacy groups, entrepreneurs, technology companies, and other sister medical societies.

Our Vision

Shaping the future of cancer care through data-driven innovation.

CancerLinQ® is a system that continually learns from itself and enables change:

  • Tracks the quality of care in real time to ensure that patients receive evidence based care
  • Gains insights from real world de-identified data on hundreds of thousands of patients, potentially identifying important trends and increasing the confidence of care decisions
  • Visualizes patients’ medical histories in powerful new ways
Shoppers have Amazon. Students have Google. Oncologists will have CancerLinQ®.

CancerLinq & ASCO

CancerLinQ® is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and it is an initiative by oncologists, for oncologists. ASCO has the trust of the cancer community and it is the only big data effort in cancer that is being driven by a non-profit, physician-led, professional society.

CancerLinQ is the only real world cancer data platform providing ASCO services to its users.

CancerLinq Major Sponsors & Collaborators

Foundations, corporations, and individual donors have expressed their confidence in our vision through financial support. Visit the Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO to see a current list.

Donor Spotlight

Many thanks to Eli Lilly and Company:

The employees at Eli Lilly are passionate about helping people live longer, healthier, and more active lives. Their commitment to improving global health in the 21st century motivated Lilly to offer support for the development of CancerLinQ. Lilly sees CancerLinQ’s potential to truly transform and improve cancer care by providing scientific insight and understanding based on the experience of patients treated in everyday clinical practice.


Food and Drug Administration

American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics

National Society of Genetic Counselors

Association for Molecular Pathology


National Cancer Institute

Leadership & Advisory Committtes

  • CancerLinQ Board of Governors: Oversees the development and operation of CancerLinQ. Its members bring expertise from the technology, business, and informatics sectors as well as from the field of oncology. Members of the CLQ Board of Governors are appointed by the ASCO Board of Directors.
  • CancerLinQ Leadership Team: CancerLinQ LLC’s senior staff who carry out its mission.
  • CancerLinQ Physician Advisory Committee: Provides the expertise, experience and perspectives of physicians and other healthcare professionals on aspects of the development, deployment, use and modification of the CancerLinQ platform.
  • CancerLinQ Patient Advisory Committee: Provides the experience and perspectives of cancer patients and patient advocates in order to develop the CancerLinQ learning health care system.
  • CancerLinQ Data Governance Oversight Committee: Provides the expertise, experience and perspectives of stakeholders regarding the data governance policies and procedures of the CancerLinQ platform.
  • CancerLinQ Data Analytics Committee: Advises the CancerLinQ leadership and staff on the appropriate methodologies and operating procedures that the CancerLinQ platform should employ to perform data analysis and other related functions. 
  • Discovery Research & Publications Committee: Reviews and makes decisions about data requests and resulting analyses for CancerLinQ® Discovery™.