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CancerLinQ now has more than one million patient records in the system

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We Have Strength In Our Numbers

When trial data inform our decisions, we tap into only 3% of the cancer patient population. CancerLinQ™ lets you learn from the other 97%. How? By sharing clinical data on a global scale.

CancerLinQ is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and it is a movement by oncologists, for oncologists. We are the only resource providing ASCO services, which are vital to everyone, from patients and providers to advocacy groups and technology companies. CancerLinQ convenes professional societies, creating a coalition of support with key people and partners in the cancer community.

Ultimately, CancerLinQ is about patients and family with a relentless commitment to quality care. 

We Are Harnessing Big Data

Today, almost all of our cancer treatment insights come from a tiny subset of clinical trial patients. In the United States, 1.7 million people are diagnosed each year with cancer, but only 3% enroll in clinical trials. To improve care for every patient, we need insights from the other 97% of people receiving cancer care.

At the same time, the volume of published cancer research has increased dramatically, along with an accumulation of genomic data and information about new, targeted cancer therapies.

CancerLinQ is organizing the explosion of information into usable knowledge, personalized for each and every patient.

We Are Making Powerful Connections

CancerLinQ connects and analyzes real-world cancer data from almost any electronic record source—to improve the quality and value of care for all.

CancerLinQ combines the expertise of the country’s leading oncologists with big data analytics technology.

Provides real-time quality feedback, allowing doctors to compare their care against guidelines and the care of their peers

Uncovers patterns in patient characteristics, treatments, and outcomes to improve care

Feeds personalized insights to doctors for individualized and unbiased treatment decision support

CancerLinQ Helps Oncologists Gain New Insights in Real Time

Instead of limiting our insights to patients in clinical trials—which takes years to complete—we learn from nearly every patient as they undergo care and make that information available to you.


get personalized guidance on treatment decisions by matching each patient’s care against quality standards and against data from patients like theirs


are reassured that they’re getting high-quality, evidence-based care no matter where they are


receive new insights for discovery through access to a massive body of de-identified patient care data to analyze patterns


have access to metrics and tools that support high-quality, efficient care